Photos: "Enter the Nineties" Zine Exhibit at Miami-Dade Main Library

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Photo by Alexandra Rincon
Check out mah zine, bro.
Check out all the photos from "Enter the Nineties" at Miami-Dade Main Library here.

Remember the zine? It was the DIY magazine for the aspiring teenage artist, rock 'n' rock journalist, and literary writer. With a bit of imagination, a copier, and staples, you had your very own publication. You almost felt like Hunter S. Thompson and you sort of hoped one day you'd become him. Alas, thanks to the interwebs and services like LiveJournal and, more recently, Tumblr, the zine has almost gone the way of the dodo.

But last night, the Miami-Dade Public Library System (yeah, we have one of those) celebrated the '90s and zine culture in its exhibit, "Enter the Nineties," at the Main Library in downtown Miami. The event was part of the library's 40th anniversary celebration and Cultist actually spoke with curator of art services and exhibitions Denise M. Delgado earlier this week.

Anyway, curiosity got the best of us and we sent our cameras to document the action, which for some reason or another featured a band called the Nineties Teen performing inside an inflatable ball.

Photo by Alexandra Rincon
Photo by Alexandra Rincon
Photo by Alexandra Rincon
Photo by Alexandra Rincon
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Miami-Dade Public Library

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