Beach Bunny Swimwear: More Tramp Than Virgin Despite Brides in White (Photos)

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Kate Upton
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Last night, we went to the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim, night two at the Raleigh
. And sex, sex, and more sex is one way to sum up a Beach Bunny Swimwear show. If you've never been to one just imagine Playboy models jiggling their jugs and shaking their booties down the catwalk. Last year, the Kardashian trio collaborated with designer Angela Chittenden to bring out a line that was heavily channeling S&M garbs. The show was slammed with wishful star-fuckers all trying to get a glimpse of the sisters who sat front row next to a very prim and out-of-place Selena Gomez.

This year, however, only celebs like Cheetah Girls' Adrienne Bailon and John Legend's girlfriend Sports Illustrated model Christine Teigen (who is showcasing her diNeila Brazil swimwear capsule collection on Monday) showed up. The less star-studded affair caused plenty of nobodies who had standing room to steal a seat since fillers were needed.

Photos by George Martinez
Despite this, Chittenden's show had the crowd enraptured and plenty of horny dudes drooling over the muy caliente vixens that sashayed in '30s inspired get-ups more suitable for slutty burlesque dancers.

Sports Illustrated and Victoria Secret model Kate Upton collaborated with Chittenden on this year's line. She also headlined the catwalk causing the men in the audience to yell out in approval every time she, her boobs and ass shook up and on down the runway.


Signature lace accents, feline prints, and gaudy bejeweled hardware made it onto monokinis, string two pieces, bra-like tops, and translucent flowy cover ups (that made you think what's the point of wearing one if you can see it all).

Make-up was all about channeling the femme fatale with fiery red lipstick and wavy bedroom hair. The finale of the stripper show, err, we mean fashion show, concluded with Beach Bunny's debut of a bridal swimwear collection. The suits here were more tramp than virgin like despite the snow white softness, feminine beaded pearl accents and Chantilly lace.

Upton wrapped things up by sauntering out in a lacy two-piece with a veil just like a bride walking down the aisle, clearly leaving all the fellows to go home with blue balls and a few jealous girlfriends.

See the complete slideshow here.




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