Want to Punch Octomom? Nadya Suleman to Box in South Florida

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A face made for punching? We think so.
What is it about Florida and fucked-up moms? We either produce them, like once-alleged baby-killer Casey Anthony (not guilty our ass!), or we recruit them, like Nadya "Octomom" Suleman, also known as the human vagina with child. That's right. She's coming to town. Not sure about her brood, though.

Turns out Octomom is not traveling to South Florida to produce more babies. Instead she's taking the next logical step: having her face punched in. Suleman is said to be planning a trip into the boxing ring in an even more grotesque version of celebrity boxing (we didn't think it was possible) than what came before. This makes Danny Bonaduce versus Barry Williams look like a legitimate prize fight. Read on for the gory details.

The Celebrity Boxing Federation confirmed that a bout with Suleman is in the works for August 20 against a yet unknown challenger at the Ocean Manor in Fort Lauderdale. If only Casey Anthony would step up and join her. We envision that scene in Rocky III in which Rocky and Apollo Creed hit each other at the same time. Only in our version, Anthony's and Suleman's heads explode, leaving decapitated and bloodied corpses (sorry for that, it could not be helped).

Apparently, they're asking for possible challengers to submit their names for consideration at celebrityboxing@live.com. "We are looking for any woman who would like the chance in the spotlight and take Octomom on in a Novelty Fun Boxing," representatives wrote in an email to New Times. We'd think of another dumb joke here but we feel too dirty already. The fight will be three one-minute rounds.

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Daja bangbros page 18 will definally kick Octomom ass!!! LMAO!!!Porn starts vs. OctoMilft


The first (last) one in New Jersey was a total loss for the promotors! The turn out was so bad they had to kick in $250 to a charity. Does she have some hidden fans in Florida nobody knows about?


I'll pass. Who ever her opponent is I hope they send her to the moon. I'm sick of hearing this pig's lies.

Peanut Santiago
Peanut Santiago

Should I puke now or after the fight?

Are we in Florida that desperate for mindless entertainment?

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