South Miami Manatees Are Latest Wussy Animals in Street Art Program

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Is that a surfboard on your head?
The South Miami Manatees join the infamous list of animals found loitering along sidewalks and public right of ways as part of misguided art in public places programs. The movement may have started with the Chicago Cows, but South Florida has repeatedly lowered the bar with flamingos on Miami Beach, roosters in Little Havana, peacocks in Coconut Grove, pink snails on the Beach and Coral Gables, and now sea cows in South Miami.  

No matter what good cause is being supported, or how many cute kids or worthwhile organizations are responsible for the individual sculptures, there really is no excuse for these enormous tacky herds crowding public space. Read on for details of the South Miami Manatee Fest.

And manatees? We thought the pink snails were bad. But these groupings of color vomit make Romero Britto's work looking edgy. Plus, who decreed that only native weakling South Florida animals can be given this "honor?" If the rest of the country isn't already convinced we're pussies, their minds will surely be made up now.

We do credit the latest program for upping the corn significantly with the inclusion of baby manatees in the warm embrace of their parent. Apparently, loveable, cuddly, fat sea cows were not wimpy enough without bringing pups into the fray.

You can pick up a map to find out where exactly these manatees are hanging out in different business throughout South Miami -- there's at least four at the corner of Red Road and Sunset Drive next to the Shops at Sunset Place. But no matter how tempting, please refrain from picking them up and dumping them in waterways.

Check out our photo gallery, and if you can't get enough there's a video at the end (right before you kill yourself).


mantee 2.jpg

manatee 3.jpg


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Cynthia Ann
Cynthia Ann

I think they are beautiful and they spark up the streets. Its creative art that we can enjoy. Miami is beautiful and these additions just make it more unique.      


Sebastian do you really get paid for this crap? writing is an art ,after seen you photo I can see now why you write all this crap with your left hand ,a face only amother can love

Public Art Supporter
Public Art Supporter

This makes me hungry for barbecued Manatee. They don't call it sea cow for no reason you know.

But seriously, these things are an abomination.


However, to lighten things up, here is a vagina beaver!


This money would have been better spent policing the Little River where manatees do live and has been a garbage dump for all the boaters along the waterway. Just 2 days ago there was a massive spill of gasoline there. i could see manatees, ducks, etc swimming in the morass. I called DERM. The guy there had no idea where the Little River is located. (south of NE 79th Street.) He said he would try to check it out. Disgusting.

Thom Wheeler Castillo
Thom Wheeler Castillo

And that video is way too long and tedious. It should of been a under a minute MAX.

Thom Wheeler Castillo
Thom Wheeler Castillo

I agree mostly with Del Marmol (and others) that these are well-intentioned eyesores. I just don't agree with the this main argument that they are 'wussy.' Is this a hint of chauvinism with the word 'wussy'? How is this an argument for better public art? Let's say cougars were the next to be fetishized? You'd be okay with that non-wussy animal? How about sharks?

The reason I don't care for them because I see them as gimmicks, more like an overwrought idea from a PR panel parading itself as art. Yes those coloring the sculptures do it with vigor and love but in the end, despite the use of important morality, the sculptures come off as a lazy way of really dealing with the message of the plight of manatees and/or public art.

How about those funds go to artists/residencies/collectives to bring about truly interesting ideas throughout the cities instead of another project that really just keeps the stereotype of 'provincial' going.


this is art bro get over it, it's better than any manatee you've ever made

manatee surfer bro identifies with the UM bros that frequent bugenvilleias and strike or w.e

manatee in a car represents the sadness of the sprawl and the warming of the planet

im sorry ur slow bro and dont get this dope mantee art works


Cynthia,     I have to agree .....they are beautiful..and they are quite unique.  People don't realize that public funds were not used for any of these kinds of projects. I've seen them all over the states. The funding comes from the businesses in the area that want to raise awareness for the particular cause, as well as increase foot traffic to their area of town. I'm glad that we here in the Miami area aren't governed by those who would like to see everything in grey-scale......Boring!   (I wonder what any of these kind of people have contributed to the area...besides complaints!) 

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