Basketball Wives Episode 9: Evelyn, Ochocinco, and Shaniece Make Us Cry

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Now that the ladies of Basketball Wives are back from their vacation in Rome, Italy, which ended with Tami Roman hitting Meeka Claxton in the face inside of a nightclub, they all seem to be back to normal. Which of course means they are going out lunch and drinking at noon. Where do we sign up to have their life?

And you can tell Mrs. Roman is over her jet lag: she is immediately talking crap on Meeka, informing the at home viewer she believes Mrs. Claxton is, and we quote, a "back-stabbing, lying, shady-ass bitch."

Jennifer Williams calls Al Reynold her male best friend, but we all know she really means gusband (gay+husband.) All smart straight girls know you don't leave home without one. He informs her that he is planning on setting her up on a blind date. But all we can think is, girl, make sure he didn't meet your future boo at the gay bar.


But we can't lie: Al did a pretty good job of finding Jennifer a beau. He is cute, single, and seems pretty pleasant. For any bachelorette in Miami, we all know that is called a unicorn. Wonder where he found him...

We thought Jennifer's divorce from Eric Williams would get him off our television screen, buy yeah, we were wrong. He and his big teeth are apparently making a movie and he wants Royce Reed to be a part of it.

So, what exactly about playing in the NBA makes you a movie director? Moving on, we couldn't help but notice Royce's perfect product placement during their business lunch. You saw that book in her hands? Yeah, she wrote it.


Speaking of the movie: Did you love that the minute Suzie Ketcham found out Royce had been offered the role, she ran and told Jennifer about it? Yes, we are big believers in girl code, but we honestly thik that Suzie has a serious case of word vomit. We wonder if there is a cure. We are willing to do a 5K for her.

Last night's episode was all about the boys. Chad Ochocinco abandoned the Midwest to come and attend Evelyn Lozada's daughter's, Shaniece, graduation. And yes, it was touching and yes, we maybe shed a tear. Who knew our Basketball Wives could warm our hearts?

But the touching post-graduation dinner, which included the bomb that is Evelyn's third engagement ring, wasn't the only thing that was a little shocking to us. Anyone see the interview when Evelyn had very little make-up on? The drag queen make-up is great and all, but the girl can rock a fresh face.

Also, this episode make us realize that Evelyn and Chad's relationship make actually be genuine. That romantic dinner on the beach? Jesus, that was cute.


And don't even get us started on next week. Jennifer is making out with boys and then gets a drink thrown in her face? Yes, if we weren't tuning in before, we sure are now.

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Yell, I wonder where Al found a potential mate for Jennifer, good question LOL.  Do they travel in the same circles? Wake up Jennifer,  wake up and go and get yourself checked out.

Brooklyn Bridges
Brooklyn Bridges

Watching this episode definitely showed us thatEvelyn has a heart and it’s time that she started showing it to us.  I do think Chad is only doing this forattention but I guess after a year, it has to be somewhat real.  I think my main focus is watching the finalebecause Eric threw the drink on Jenn which is sure to beef up the drama.  I can’t wait to see what happens next Monday andalthough I have to work, I can still watch it on my phone!  I went ahead and signed up for the SlingAdapter with my DISH Network employee account so I would never miss a minute ofit.  I can watch live and pre-recordedcontent and I don't even have to be at home to do so.  The Sling Adapter is normally $99 but with aspecial promotion with DISH Network, new and existing customers can now get itfor free.  People can go here to get moreinformation!

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