Miami International Book Fair Announces Authors For 2011 Literary Festival

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Author Colson Whitehead headed for Miami.
The Miami International Book Fair, which will be held November 13 to 20th this year, just announced four authors billed for their 2011 literary freak-out. The news trickled out via their Twitter feed earlier this afternoon.

So far they've listed: Colson Whitehead (whose own Twitter feed is amazing by the way). A MacArthur Fellow and author of The Colossus of New York and Sag Harbor, this former Village Voice writer will be in town promoting Zone One, his post-apocalyptic horror novel about New York City. For a taste of his style, check out his Ralph Ellison-inspired reaction to Obama's presidential victory in 2008, titled "Visible Man." Read on for more authors from the announcement.

The Book Fair continues their devotion to the graphic novel (past years have consistently included highlights from this genre) with artist/author Daniel Clowes creator of The Death-Ray, published by Drawn & Quarterly.

And there are glimpses of authors who straddle the music/memoir divide as Patti Smith did so eloquently last year with Just Kids (Have you read it yet? Read it). For this year's fair, there'll be Rosanne Cash, who will discuss her memoir Composed, which traces her journey from Johnny's daughter to a performer in her own right. Filmmaker John Sayles is also on the 2011 roster with his novel, A Moment in the Sun, which takes places in the Philippines, Cuba, and the U.S. and will be published by McSweeney's.

The stand-out highlight so far is Whitehead, although we have high hopes for the rest of the author line-up. Last year's book fair hosted heavyweights like Jonathan Franzen, Jennifer Egan, John Waters, Dave Eggars, and Gay Talese. For such a notoriously un-literate city, this annual festival lures in some pretty fantastic literary talent. For one week of the year, Miami becomes one of the most well-read metropolises in America.

So who's on your wishlist for the 2011 Miami International Book Fair? Game of Thrones author George R. R. Martin? Bossypants author Tina Fey? Remainder's Tom McCarthy? Open City's Teju Cole? Gary Shteyngart, author of Super Sad True Love Story? And you might as well throw in James Franco for good measure, right?

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Who do you have that's oppsed to the gun culture?Hal Jacobson

Bradley Gerber
Bradley Gerber

"Obama's presidential victory in 2004".   Ummm...


Thanks for the proofread, Bradley. Fixed. As you might have guessed from our MCDS days, the aughts were a blur of opium, circus acts, and hashish. Fours started to look like eights.

Bradley Gerber
Bradley Gerber

Heh!  Good call.  Funny, I didn't even look at the byline when I was reading the piece.  Hope all's well. 

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