Seven Iconic Moments in Miami History Deserving of Statues

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three kings500.jpg
2. Three Kings on Stage Like a Bunch of Bozos
They hadn't even won a game, but already the Miami Heat's anointed Three Kings were dancing and singing and generally making assess of themselves to the rest of country. Maybe an animatronic statue would be appropriate with Chris Bosh doing his scream, LeBron holding up fingers for all the championships he hasn't brought here, and DWade standing on the scorer's table mouthing "this is my house" over and over.

Alan Diaz
Elian is number one.
1.Elian Gonzalez
More than an incredibly compelling Pulitzer Prize winning photo of a terrified child being pried from the arms of a loved one by a machine gun wielding soldier, the photo has all the elements that define Miami: violence, absurdity, and Cuba. Who knows, if you build it, maybe Elian will even come to see it.

Take that Chicago.
Honorable Mention - Steve Bartman
Since Chi-Town always seems to be leading us to artistic folly, how bout a statue commemorating that moment in 2003 when Steven Bartman interfered with his own Chicago Cubs player thus clearing the way for the Florida Marlins to beat the lovable losers and continue the longest streak of futility in pro sports. So what if it happened in Chicago, we still like to remember in Miami.

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Jim Morrison still rocks, & he was telling the cops to f*off, lol... BTW, if ur born in Florida ur banned, like him.. You should get a bonus, lol..


How could you include the Heat and Marlin non-events and not put the iconic pic of Shula being carried off the field after the Perfect Season? Also - where's Andrew Cunanin?

Sebastian Delmarmol
Sebastian Delmarmol

funny you should mention that Sucka99. I actually had same thought about Shula and that image of him being carried off the field. But it turns out that statue already exists at Sun Life stadium -- google "don shula statue" and see for yourself.

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