Six Best "F@cks" in Movie History (NSFW, Duh!)

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F-U-C-K in the USA!
One of the best things about writing for the New Times and Cultist in particular is they let you write curse words, like a motherfucker. But we try not to abuse the privilege. We respect. Fucking-a we do. But still, it's pretty great to know that unlike the rest of our journalistic brethren who would rather sanitize how people speak in the real world than print F-U-C-K, we can write just about anything.

It's like in the movies, you don't see people saying, "I'm so freaking mad right now. I could fraggging kill somebody." At least not in any movies we want to see. Because let's face it, cussing is part of life, and sometimes it's no less than an art form. Disagree? In honor of our poetic license, take a look at the best movie scenes in history that feature the word fuck. And if you disagree, well, go freak yourselves, you fucking prudes!

6. "Fuck yo mama," National Lampoon's Vacation
Before the National Lampoon Vacation franchise became antiseptic family fun, the first movie in the installment actually had a bit of an edge. Christie Brinkley was sexy, they packed a dead relative on the roof of a car, and they dragged a dog to inhumane death. Great fun all around. But nothing was better than white bread Chevy Chase getting his comeuppance when asking for directions in the hood.

5. "Fuck you meng," Scarface
Any list about cursing and movies without mention of Scarface, would be a fucking disgrace. So here you go, you cockroaches!

4. "Fargin Icehole," Johnny Dangerously
Once upon a time in Hollywood you had to disguise you cursing if you wanted to avoid an NC-17 rating and nobody ever did it better than directors of Johnny Dangerously, a forgotten flick starring Michael Keaton, Peter Boyle and this guy who deserves a fargin Oscar for his performance.

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