Calle Ocho's Celebrity Cock Re-Hatched for Viernes Culturales

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El gallo cubanoamericano, Little Havana's celebrity cock-of-the-walk is back in front of El Pub and preening for his stately re-hatching during& Viernes Culturales.

The fiberglass fowl had been bird-napped by a flock of Sigma Phi Epsilon peckerheads from FIU who spray-painted him white to look like Foghorn Leghorn before tailgating with the clucker during the Golden Panther's victory over the UCF Knights. It seems that the laws of Karma apply to plastic poultry too.

FIU's previously undefeated football team laid an egg this past weekend losing to the Ragin Cajuns of Louisiana-Lafayette. Vengeance is Mine!, squawketh the Big Capon in the Sky.

Now that he's back on his Calle Ocho perch gussied up in his patriotic colors, el exilio's pet political symbol has even earned a new apologist. Check out Fabiola Santiago's column in the Miami Herald cackling for the pranksters who plucked the pullet to be tarred and feathered publicly for what she's calling "Roostergate". Estan comiendo lo que pica el pollo.

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