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Blowfly, stranger than fiction.
Florida Twi-hards, fans of Twilight currently salivating over the new Breaking Dawn trailer, will be pleased to know that our state has its very own vampires and werewolves. There's no reason to get starry-eyed in Forks, Washington, where Stephanie Meyers set her novels. Just head up to the Florida pan handle and look for half-werewolf/half-vampire creatures like Stephanie Pistey.

Honestly, you don't have to go too far into WTF Florida to find characters who out-weird anything in fiction. In fact, you could start the hunt in Miami this weekend with the following ten events filled with masked men, assassins, cabaret drag queens, and, of course, zombies.

  • Richard Dawkins: It takes real cjones to be an outspoken aehtist these days. You might as well have come out as a pink communist in the '60s. Evolutionary biologist and infamous atheist Richard Dawkins speaks at UM today. His new book talks about saving the intellect of children in world where evolution is censored from textbooks.
  • Blowfly: Everyone's favorite, dirty-mouthed, septuagenarian and cape-wearing rapper plays the Vagabond to promote the documentary The Weird World of Blowfly.
  • Cut Copy: Aussie electro-rock crew Cut Copy play their second show at Grand Central tonight.
  • House of Horror: South Florida's largest haunted house opened last night. Look for our review today to see if it's worth your greenbacks and your shrieks.

  • Celebrate Orgullo: Gay pride gets a South Florida twist with Celebrate Orgullo, a LGBT pride festival tailored specifically for Latinos.
  • Epic Mash-Up: It wasn't so long ago that black stars performing at Miami Beach nightclubs were banned from staying in any of the hotels across the causeway.  But Saturday, the Overtown Music Project is hosting a hip-hop, big band mash-up at LIV to fundraise for a new R&B school at the Lyric Theater.
  • Lip Service: Hear Miami stories from local writers and non-writers at this literary event at Actors' Playhouse. Look for our recap on Sunday.
  • Zombie Walk: Looks like there are two zombie walks this year in Miami. One is Saturday and the other is October 29. Both stumble around Lincoln Road looking for fresh brains to eat.
  • Creep Cinema: Bear + Bear Gallery at Tate's Comics opens a new exhibit, which asked South Florida to make art inspired by scary movies.

  • Mystery, Mayhem, and Vice Coach Tour: One might think Miami's crime is a deterrent to tourism, but not with HistoryMiami's Mystery, Mayhem, and Vice Coach Tour. Dr. Paul George guides onlookers around the 305, tracing our city's colorful past with illicit activity.
  • South Miami-Dade Cultural Arts Center Grand Openingg: The venue has been opened for a few months, but this weekend marks the grand opening of the South Miami-Dade Cultural Arts Center. The first official weekend of performances include those by Rosie Herrera and Ted Castellanos.

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