Five Best 9/11 Conspiracy Documentaries

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This book or these flicks. Which do you believe?
Just a couple of days out from the 10 year anniversary of 9/11 and you've already started to see what we can only expect will be full out patriotic pomp and circumstance the likes of which we might never have seen before. And deservedly so. The day changed all of our lives forever, and we should never forget what happened.

But exactly what did happen? We know planes crashed, buildings fell, and a lot of innocent people died in a horrific manner. But beyond that, things get cloudy. Who ultimately was responsible for what happened? Who knew about it? Were there other dark forces at work during 9/11, and if so, who and why? Unlike in pre-Internet days, conspiracy theories and theorists are not fringe entities anymore, as evidenced by the popularity of documentaries about 9/11 that have popped up in the last decade. Make the jumps to check out five of the best conspiracy documentaries about 9/11.

5. 9/11 False Flag

This German documentary brings a non-American perspective to the 9/11 conspiracy context and it's pretty creepy - and not just because they are speaking in German, which we admit makes it all sound more sinister. Watching them mock some of the evidence presented in the 9/11 Commission Report (including the "evidence" left in one of the highjackers rental car, the incompetence of NORAD, and the identify of the hijackers) almost makes you want to believe the official version.

4. September 11: Evidence to the Contrary

This documentary starts with an eery Hollywood scene from a low budget movie featuring a plane heading for disaster straight into the World Trade Center. The rest focuses on the collapse of the buildings using aggregated content. Conspiracy theorists like to repeat the claim that no building before or after 9/11 has been brought down by fire. And although many rebuttals by engineers exists, this documentary presents information on what caused the collapse of the buildings.

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loose change is now blocked by NBC for copyright reasons.   NBC is owned by GE who is one of the worlds largest defence contractors. 


Are you crazy or just blind. Check the view counts out on youtube. Loose Change has more than all others combined. Terrorstorm comes in 2nd, and if you add up all the view counts from the different users that reposted the videos in whole or parts WOW MORE VIEWS THAN MAINSTREAM TV COULD EVER GET

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