Are Nike's LeBron James Sneakers Inspired by University of Miami?

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Lebron shoes 200.jpg
LeBron's new shoes.
Poor LeBron James. He went from being the toast of South Beach to the ghost of the NBA Finals. And we've hardly heard a peep from him since-- thanks in part to the NBA lockout.

And even now, when there seems some good news on the LeBron front to report -- namely the release of his latest Nike shoe -- he can't even seem to get that right. SneakerFreaker came out with sneak peak of the Nike LeBron 9's limited edition due out soon. Only the color scheme might not be the best idea.

According to, James and Nike use none other than the currently under fire University of Miami as the basis for the shoe. Uh, somebody might have wanted to remind the shoe giant and king that UM is at the center of what could be the biggest college football scandal in history thanks to Ponzi schemer Nevin Shapiro.

Lebron shoes 500.jpg
We think he should have gone with an FIU color scheme.
In another ironic and timely twist, the Canes play the Ohio State Buckeyes - James' supposed favorite college team - this weekend. That'll be just another reason for them to hate on LeBron.

And while the color scheme might subject the tortured athlete to even more ridicule, we have to say, we like it better than last year's goofy and clichéd pink and blue inspired "LeBron 8, South Beach" shoes.
South Beach500.jpg

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