Missoni Hysteria Hits Target Stores: Five Other Idiotic Shopping Crazes

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Materialism has no taste.
The world has gone to hell in a hand basket. And that hand basket was designed by Missoni. The ziggiddy zaggedy design label has captured the nation's zeitgeist to such a degree that women across the nation have lost all sense of self worth and are determined to wait in hour long lines to get their hands on the new Missoni line unveiled at Target this week.

No joke. Grown ladies, mothers, career women, and even hoochie mammas acted like teenagers waiting for U2 tickets outside of a Ticketmaster to make sure they could take home something, anything, with that stupid design on it. The sight of the lines of women at the Dadeland Station Target was more than a little depressing. Apparently, no matter how much the economy tanks, we can't quite lose our materialistic streak. So we did the only thing we could in response: think up other idiotic shopping trends that spurred ridiculous runs on stores or products and made a list about it. Here's our top five.

alamosbasement via flickr
Moms fought their kids for these.
5. Cabbage Patch Kids

Nobody is quite sure why these god-awful dolls garnered so much mass hysteria in the 1980s, but they did. Sales of the ridiculously ugly creatures and related products topped $2 billion (yeah, with a "b") in 1984 and spurred riots at toy stores across the country. We guess it's fitting that illogical consumerism first reared its head ugly head that year. Personally, we like the Garbage Pail Kids better.

Ed Yourdon.jpg
Ed Yourdon
Yeah, you all are idiots.
4. iPhone

Every product Apple puts out could probably make this list, with lines forming at the mere mention of something new coming out (think iPad, iPod, iCrap). But the iPhone hysteria probably represents the most egregious offender. The only positive surrounding the release of a new iPhone is that there always seems to be an equally powerful storm of criticism about whatever new product comes out. In the end, though, the company continues to control what is cool and stylish on the technology and communications front. And that ain't good.

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