Miami Has One Too Many Zombie Walks This Year

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Ian Witlen
Cultist doesn't follow many rules, but we are adamant about one: under no circumstances will we participate in more than one zombie walk per year. Needless to say, October 2011 is going to be quite stressful. Two kickass zombie events are happening next month.

Zombie Walk Miami is going down this Saturday, October 1, while another is scheduled for Saturday, October 29, a full four weeks later, at the same location, Lincoln Road.

Sure they're basically the same event--a group of would-be method actors channel the deathly emotions of a zombie, apply questionably toxic made-in-China costume makeup, splash blood-red paint on their clothes, and walk around Lincoln Road like an extra from Michael Jackson's "Thriller" video. So which walk? It's a tough decision.

Back in February, we announced that the annual Lincoln Road Zombie Walk was going down on October 1. We suggested upping the zombie costume ante by dressing like an Am Appy zombie hipster, or a zombie Real Housewives of Miami. We were so stoked and ready for the inevitable LOLZ, but then, out of nowhere, the zombie walk was canceled.

Fast forward to this past Monday. While trolling the Internet for story ideas and Facebook friend gossip, we stumbled upon Zombie Walk Miami, an event created by one Mary Hurtak.

"This shits [sic] gonna be insane," the info box says. "dress up in the bloodiest clothes you got."

Ian Witlen
We examined the event's wall posts and found that Hurtak linked our February posted earlier this month on September 6, implying Zombie Walk Miami was the event we'd originally announced.

It wasn't.

A few days after our discovery, we found an event for "Zombie Walk (Annual)," scheduled for October 29, created by Benjamin Wolland, the same guy who organized last year's.

"This is the Annual Zombie Walk," it says on the event's Facebook page. "Come dressed as a zombie or a human. Bring your friends and get ready for blood and BRAINS!!!"

So Miami, which is the true and valid Zombie Walk?

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Lincoln Road Mall

Between Alton and the Ocean, Miami Beach, FL

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I couldn't go on the 1st but did attend the 29th. The rain kept a lot of zombies away but we had a good time staggering along despite it.


what time is zombie walk gonna start on the 29th


The first Zombie walk in Miami was in 2007. Miami New Times participated.


Do your research, since its your job as the journalist. Right on the event page you will find out the one on the 1st is one made up on a whim from Mary where she states it was just for her friends but forgot to make it private -


I was disappointed that I had to work on the 1st. But I can make the 29th. Surely there are enough zombies for both dates!


Same exact scenario happened to me. I found one happening on Saturday. Noticed that you guys had declared it to be THE zombie walk with the linked info. I then noticed the other one happening on the 29th. At this point, who knows.

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