Terribly Girly Offers Halloween-Themed Pin-up Photo Shoot

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Most of us have been called a witch, a pussy, or El Diablo at least once in our lives. And don't deny it either, because if you're reading this blog, you've probably been called all three of these things and worse. Just embrace it. Even sex it up a bit with Terribly Girly Photography Studio. Through October 17th, they're celebrating everyone's inner demons with Halloween pin-up specials. (See our behind the scenes post in which Terribly Girly transformed a Hialeah hottie into a boudoir bombshell.)

Now you can purchase fancy, retro, dolled-up professional photographs of yourself dressed up as a sexy witch (you in a bustier holding a broom), a kitty-cat (you in a bustier with cat ears), or the devil (you in a bustier with a Dick Cheney mask on) for prices so reasonable that you'll be able buy that extra bag of Reese's Peanut Butter cups you've always dreamed of hoarding for yourself.

Terribly Girly, who won Best Place to Get a Makeover in our recent Best of Miami issue, provides each of their clients with a gaggle of cool-ass gals skilled in the fine craft of beautification. This includes a makeup artiste, a hair sculptress, a super-duper wardrobe stylist, and photographer Janette Valentine who will snap pictures of you that are so hot that they should only be handled with a pair of oven mitts. Or your man's filthy mitts. Or Mitt Romney's mitts, if you've got a thing for religious Republican presidential candidates. We don't judge.
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c/o Terribly Girly

Here are the Halloween shoot details:
Location: Terribly Girly Photo Studio in Wynwood (once you book your appointment, they'll give you the address)

c/o Terribly Girly
Sessions Include: Themed sets (hell, abandoned woods, the school gym decorated for prom) including props (whips, chainsaws, pig blood, etc)  Professional makeup artistry and hairstyling, access to their ultra high tech proofing gallery where you can choose your finals photos to retouch, a CD with your final five retouched prints, and perfectly purdy images of you and one gift print.

Wardrobe: You may bring your own wardrobe if you have the perfect thing to wear (i.e. your cross-dressing uncle Sal's fishnets and hot pink boa). If you'd rather have the full experience, then you can have our fabulous wardrobe stylist dress you up like her own personal paper doll from head to toe for a teeny-tiny fee of $35 and, trust them, Aurora knows what's up.

Shoot Cost: 
$350 for "pick your theme" shoot (The Adam's Family, The Bride of Frankenstein, or the sexiest/scariest movie ever filmed, Harold and Maude) and keep in mind that additional fees may be incurred for complex costumes, makeup or sets.


c/o Terribly Girly
$300 if you bring your own costume and props. Please note that this price includes a solid color background...no substitutions.


$250 if your a DIY kinda broad and you bring your own costume and props and come ready-to-shoot with your own hair and makeup done (please note that this price includes a solid color background...no substitutions

Deposit: A deposit of $100.00 is required to secure your booking. But don't worry, on the day of the shoot this amount will be deducted from the entire shoot cost.

Shoot Dates: Now through October 17th

If you're ready to get your spooky sexy on, contact booking@terriblygirly.com

c/o Terribly Girly

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