Design District Pedestrian Bridge Comes Down (PHOTOS)

Photo by Marc Averette/Wikimedia Commons CC
London Design District bridge is falling down.
As luxury retailers like Louis Vuitton and Hermes ready themselves for the move into Miami's Design District, Craig Robins and Dacra seem to have big plans in store for the area. The most shocking so far seems to be the removal of the iconic pedestrian bridge that connected two buildings on either side of Northeast Second Avenue.

"We wanted to remove the bridge for a while now," admits Hanna Johnson, special projects coordinator for Dacra. "The bridge promoted a point of entry to the area and its removal opens it to the neighborhood to the north."

Johnson is referring to the corridor which connects the Design District to Buena Vista and Little Haiti, and home to eateries, galleries, and retail shops like Sweat Records, Churchill's Pub, Lemoni Cafe, and Buena Vista Bistro.

Are we a little sad to see such an icon of the neighborhood go? A little. But Robins has been working into turning the area into a destination, so it's perhaps safe to assume he knows what he's doing.

If you are curious to check out the bridge's final moments, gallerist Anthony Spinello was kind enough to send Cultist some images as the bridge came down this week.

Courtesy of Anthony Spinello
Courtesy of Anthony Spinello
Courtesy of Anthony Spinello
Courtesy of Anthony Spinello
Courtesy of Anthony Spinello
Courtesy of Anthony Spinello
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Common Cents
Common Cents

Craig also took one down further south a few years back. His instincts are correct.

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