Grolsch Promotes Miami Artists with "G-Spot" Project and Bike Ride

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Kyle Trowbridge's "1000 Kilobytes" at the Dorsch Gallery
At long last, the mysteries of the G-spot are finally revealed.

"G-Spot: Get the Green Light" is currently exhibiting at ten different venues in Miami. The unique and interesting partnership between a corporate sponsor and local commissioned artists is rare during Art Basel. It is a further testament to Miami's commitment of promoting locals. What's going on here? Are Miami artists poised to gain further international respect?

We caught up with curator Claire Breukel to explain.

Interesting how Grolsch is featuring local artists during Basel, when the focus is usually on non-Miami artists. Can you expand or comment?
Bruekel: It is a very brave step for a sponsor to support a project that is specific to Miami. It will, however, bring Miami out to a public space with work that is not commercially driven. I'm adamant that Miami artists need a platform to show their work that is not affiliated with commercial concerns.

Grolsch as a sponsor is supporting a project that commissions artists to make work without the pressure of space restrictions, sales restrictions and in direct interface with the audience (most of the projects are in public space). We have also commissioned Miami-based writers to write about the works as well and probably the most exciting part is Wet Heat TV created a short film of the project so we have brilliant documentation of each artwork.

What is your role as curator?
I conceptualized the project with Marjanne Kalf from Grolsch and then reached out to the artists to participate and worked with them and the venues to see the projects through. I'm also the "everything" person: liaising with venues, press, making labels, writing, uploading content, proofing, etc. It has been a huge task and a lot of fun!

Loriel Beltran "Getting the Green Light" 78 NW 24 St,

How did you choose the artists to commission, or did they apply?
Given the theme of the project, "Get the Green Light," and the concept that the work is commissioned and that the pieces are site responsive, I reached out to artists whose work I admire for pushing concepts pertaining to audience interaction.

So, many of the works are interactive?
Many of the works are participatory. For instance, Kerry Phillips' work involves text messages; Kyle Trowbridge is a Quicky Code; Tom Scicluna's is cases of beer that can be consumed (at some point); TM Sisters have created a backdrop to be photographed in front of; Loriel has recreated two benches with adverts that actually invite you to sit and "Loiter." Also, Pachi Guistinian has translated the word "Hello" into a visual light piece (following the sound pattern of her voice) and Domingo Castillo has created street posters which... well these you will have to find yourself.

Domingo Castillo's "Untitled" Street posters around Dimensions Variable

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Stephen P. Clark Government Center

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