Ten Memorable Moments From the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

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Once a year around the holidays, Victoria's Secret gets their angels to strut their stuff during a leggy fashion show that's guaranteed to make your grandmother blush. While the underpants empire is one of the most lucrative brands out there, their annual fashion show has become more about theatrics and skin than lingerie sales.

If you didn't catch the show last night on CBS, here are the ten most memorable moments to catch you up to speed.

10. Superhero Capes
Printed with empowering words like "incredible" or "wow." Every woman should have one billowing behind her as she goes about her day.

9. Neon Wings
Ok, these were just badass, but where did they hide the battery packs?

8. The Angels' Childhood Photos
Proof that even supermodels had an awkward phase.

7. Adam Levine's Kiss
Anne Vyalitsyna was the envy of many a teenage girl as she received a kiss on the cheek from Maroon 5 singer Adam Levine, her boyfriend for over a year, as she walked the runway.

6. Kanye's Superwoman
Kanye dedicated "Stronger" to his mom, whom he called his "super angel," before the models came out in their superhero attire. For once it was nice to see he can be a sensitive prick, not just an arrogant one.

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