Tori Spelling's Twitter Boob Flash: Unintentional Nip Slip or Cheap Publicity Stunt?

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In Celebrity C-list news...Tori Spelling's husband, Dean McDermott, celebrated his 45th birthday by tweeting a picture of his wife's breasts.

About eight hours ago, McDermott went Twitter crazy, tweeting a picture of a cute chef's apron that his kids made him for his birthday, a self-portrait in which he dawns a sticker of a saucepan entitled "pothead," and an adorable snapshot of one his children rocking a rolling pin sticker on his head.

But under the veil of juvenile innocence lies Tori Spelling, bare-breasted and potentially lactating.

Were Tori's tits intentionally tweeted, or were they the result of McDermott's birthday blooper? Take our poll and tell us what you think.

Tori Spelling Boobs-2.jpg
See the NSFW version here.

Thankfully, Spelling's son's eyes are closed. Catching a glimpse of his mother's naked breasts could've been traumatizing. Let's just hope he doesn't follow his dad on Twitter.

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I do not think he meant to do this .

Donkey Hotay
Donkey Hotay

... they look like boobs ... only smaller.

Heck, my man-boobs are bigger than that.

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