Swine Fever, Crack Pipes and More Tonight at Primary Projects

Miru Kim
Not your Hialeah matadero
Don't expect to find Kim larding it up with Midwestern, industrial-sized oinkers here though. Instead she's plucked two sweet-looking suckling roasters from a Hialeah matadero likely to end up a fine meal during Noche Buena.

Before you start with the "We hope she shaves so we don't have to pull her pubes from our chicharrones after we cook those babies in a caja China" cracks, you're plumb out of luck.
Kim says she plans to save her squealing cochinitos from a trip back to the slaughterhouse.

"They will lead a very happy life and are already better off than where we found them," Kim says. "We are looking to place them as pets with a family or at a community farm after the show."

Michael Vasquezedited.JPEG
Michael Vasquez
While Kim may be responsible for bringing home the bacon at Primary Projects during Basel, the exhibit, named after an un-kosher Parisian art dealer of Jewish descent who was stripped of his French nationality in 1940 and later accused of trafficking art with the Nazis, also boasts compelling stuff by participant talent.

In addition to Kim and Calderon the show features new works from: Marc Bijl, Retna, Michael Vasquez, Cleon Peterson, Manny Prieres, Andrew Nigon, Scott Shannon, Christina Pettersson, Shelter Serra, How & Nosm, Kenton Parker, Cole Sternberg, Jel Martinez and Edouard Nardon.


"Here Lies Georges Wildenstein" at Primary Projects, 4141 NE Second Ave., Ste. 104, Miami. Opening reception tonight from 7 to 10 p.m. Call 954-296-1675 or visit primaryflight.com/projects.)


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