Five Tips for Surviving Holiday Travel at MIA

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Lee Coursey
The mojito bar is your friend
Thank god we live in the land of Bacardi. The brand's mojito bars would be more aptly described as "stations," or perhaps "kiosks" -- they're literally just bars set in the middle of hallways where bartenders mix up cocktail after cocktail. Having a little booze in your system is helpful in just about any airport scenario, but the real treat here is the kiosk itself. You can typically get in and out of the place without worrying where to stash your bag or waiting on a waitress for 20 minutes, which is what you can plan on doing at nearly every other bar at MIA.

Ice Box Cafe @ MIA
Eat well
The only thing worse than traveling during the holidays is traveling during the holidays on an empty stomach. Luckily for you, MIA's D terminal has modernized over the past year, and with it comes food that you'll actually want to eat. Ice Box Cafe is here, as is Sushi Maki and a Shula's outlet. It might not be the gourmet fare you'd seek out in the real world, but in the alternative universe of airport dining, this is some five-star shit.

Miami International Airport
Use the SkyTrain
MIA's D terminal upgrades included the addition of a railway that brings passengers to four different places within it. That might sound unnecessary -- it's only one airport terminal, after all -- until you've walked the D terminal from end to end. It takes at least 20 minutes. Literally. Apart from that convenience, the SkyTrain is also a novelty -- it's the city of Miami's only public transportation option that functions punctually and efficiently. And we've never, ever seen it crowded. Most tourists are too oblivious and most locals are too set in their ways to ride the escalators up to the SkyTrain level. Or they just don't realize how far it really is to Gate D-60.

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villa in spain
villa in spain

I agree with this post and that's why i don't prefer to visit at the time of Christmas. Because i  already face such situations. Moreover there are also other beautiful destination to visit like Spain.

Grace Stainback
Grace Stainback

My dad is a pilot based out of MIA... sooo, i get some kind of VIP treatment, you say? Wrong. Every time I go there I am flying STANDBY. the discounts are great, but the prospect (which usually comes to pass) of spending 5-plus hours in the miami airport is not. safe to say i have memorized every "station" and "kiosk" aka bar in that massive labyrinth. also... you forgot to mention the plethora of "La Caretta" locations in MIA... that cafe cubano... lifesaver...funny post


I guess if we are going to have a column b!tching about MIA (from which you can fly to basically anywhere in the world nonstop) the perfect compliment would be to have someone b!tch about flying for free.    Good Stuff!

Grace Stainback
Grace Stainback

nahhh, "racist luke", the flights are not free. that would be great though, wouldn't it?

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