Human Testicles, Interactive Floors and Text Galore at Seven Miami

Bob and Roberta Smith - 4Feb Tennis Coach.jpg
Photo by Ciara LaVelle
"4Feb Tennis Coach" by Bob and Roberta Smith
The front gallery space at Seven Miami is a room full of words. Walk in the doors, and you'll naturally move from left to right to follow the text, from Bob and Roberta Smith's corner, filled with colorfully painted signs telling a story, to William Powhida's collection of notebook sketches -- by which we mean sketches of notebook pages on which the artist has written lists and letters. Of course, there's plenty of less literal art here, too. But if you love reading (and since you're reading this, we'll assume you do), you'll want to stay as long as it takes to digest every word.

If you're not, well, click through to the pictures. 
William Powhida - Dear Art World.jpg
Photo by Ciara LaVelle
"Not So Great Expectations" by William Powhida
​William Powhida's "Not So Great Expectations," presumably for himself, include not getting hammered at art openings and selling all his art immediately. Note that none of the boxes are checked. (This piece, however, had sold when we visited last night.)

Ward Shelley - The Beats Ver 2.jpg
Photo by Ciara LaVelle
"The Beats, Ver. 2" by Ward Shelley
​More nerdy wordiness, courtesy of Ward Shelley's guide to Beat culture.

Brian Knep - Healing 1.jpg
Photo by Ciara LaVelle
"Healing #1" by Brian Knep
Interactive floors are all the rage this year.

Sarah Frost - Error Correct - Sign Off.jpg
Photo by Ciara LaVelle
"Error Correct" and "Sign Off" by Sarah Frost
Sarah Frost - close up.jpg
Photo by Ciara LaVelle
Detailed shot of "Sign Off" by Sarah Frost
​Yes, that is nearly an entire wall covered in computer keys. Even more impressive: it's so pretty, it almost sparkles.

David Diao - Barnett Newman Paintings in Scale.jpg
Photo by Ciara LaVelle
"Barnett Newman: Paintings in Scale" by David Diao
​A little something for the number nerds: a graphic representation of Barnett Newman paintings arranged by year, by David Diao.

Kenneth Tin-Kin Hung - The Fast Supper.jpg
Photo by Ciara LaVelle
A still from "The Fast Supper," a video by Kenneth Tin-Kin Hung
​"The Fast Supper" manipulates "The Last Supper" to show Jesus eating a variety of processed foods -- corn dogs, french fries, doughnuts and Big Gulps, etc -- and growing so obese in the process that his holy robes barely cover his man-tits. Subtle? Not at all. But it was so fun to watch that we're giving it a pass.

Yishay Garbasz - Eat Me Damien.jpg
Photo by Ciara LaVelle
"Eat Me Damien" by Yishay Garbasz
​This counts as "body fluids as art," right?

Christopher K Ho - Tzu-Ru (Paper Crane).jpg
Photo by Ciara LaVelle
"Tzu-Ru (Paper Crane)" by Christopher K. Ho
​Bird-like black-and-white camcorders pointed menacingly at each other, and showing paper cranes on their screens. It's the most elegant Spy vs. Spy ever.

Tom Sanford - Michael Jackson.jpg
Photo by Ciara LaVelle
"Michael Jackson" by Tom Sanford
​Too soon?

Fabian Marcaccio - Throwing Up Girl.jpg
Photo by Ciara LaVelle
"Throwing Up Girl" by Fabian Marcaccio
Jane Wilbraham - Index.jpg
Photo by Ciara LaVelle
"Index" by Jane Wilbraham

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