Ten Couples We're Sad to See Split (But Not Really)

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When you heard the news about Heidi Klum and Seal's separation this weekend, you probably felt kinda sad. But admit it: the twisted, schadenfreude-loving part of you was a teeny bit thrilled. They were just too perfect, weren't they? With their beautiful bodies and accents and adorable babies?

And they're not the only ones. So after this weekend's heartbreaking confirmation that the power couple is calling it quits, we decided to look back on the recent year's top ten couples we felt sad (but not really) to see let go of the love.

10. Maria Shriver and Arnold Schwarzenagger
It seems this couple had been on the path to forever after for eons. Enter a less than attractive cleaning lady -- if anyone was going to steal The Terminator and all of his terminating sex appeal, it was going to be her -- then throw in a secret love child for good measure. Though recent reports have it that the two are somewhat on a road to reconciliation, they still split up, which keeps them qualified for our runnings.

9. Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez
This one was something of a no-brainer, but in all fairness, they did seem happy in their seven-year stretch. After all, finally popping out twins during her third marriage was quite the feat for JLo. Nevertheless, the Latino lovers didn't quite have the shimmy to cut it out for the long run. Nowadays, word has it they're still in constant contact not only for their kids, but also for their Latin America network take on American Idol. Perhaps JLo's Mr. Right #4 will take her all the way to the end of the "'til death do us part" part. On another note, does anyone else notice how much Marc looks like a chihuahua? Anyone?

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