The Ten Sexiest Super Bowl Commercials Of All Time

Categories: Film and TV

8. Doritos - Ali Landry
This is a personal favorite, probably because it came out during the height our of teenage masturbatory fury. If this list were named "Hot Girls Who Had a Moment of Fame Because of Their Hotness but Couldn't Take It Anywhere Because They Had Absolutely No Talent At All," then Ali Landry would be way at the top, running a very far second to Megan Fox.

7. Go Daddy: Danica Patrick
Unfortunately, a couple of GoDaddy commercials made it onto this list. We added them grudgingly. Don't get us wrong; they do have the sexy commercial formula down to a science. But this ad reeks of desperation. There are hobos who compulsively masturbate in public with more tact than GoDaddy.

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