The Ten Sexiest Super Bowl Commercials Of All Time

Categories: Film and TV

6. Victoria Secret - Adriana Lima
Football and lingerie goes together like, well, the Lingerie Football League. You've got to love Victoria's Secret for their class. Sure, they're an underwear company that puts out sexy commercials, catalogs, and lingerie TV specials that plenty of men use as, um, inspiration. But you can almost believe those models don't know about any of it. Keep your head high, Victoria. It only prolongs the fantasy.

5. Doritos - Boys Night In
Nerd fantasies! These boys get to play video games, eat food that will make them fatter, and have hot girls fly into their living room and try to jump their bones. If this commercial were based in reality, it would end with looks of extreme disappointment on the girl's faces and the boys crying in the corner. Best to keep this scenario on TV, and leave the World of Warcraft playing to the professionals.

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