The Ten Sexiest Super Bowl Commercials Of All Time

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2. GoDaddy - Wardobe Malfunction
Instead of talking about how ridiculously hot it is when the spaghetti strap breaks on this girl's shirt, we'd rather focus again on GoDaddy's horribleness. Even their half-naked models cannot dull the continued assault of their vomit-inducing, nonsensical commercials. Lately, they've even managed to ensnare fitness guru and motivational speaker Jillian Michaels into their ads, proving yet again that if you throw enough money at a celebrity, you can convince them to eat a very large bag of dog poop, proclaim its deliciousness, and push it out as great food. Just ask McDonalds' spokesperson LeBron James.

1. Miller Lite: Catfight
Any "Super Bowl's Sexiest Commercials" list will inevitably put the Miller Lite Catfight on top. This is like the Post-it Note of advertising. It was right there the whole time, so obviously in front of everyone's face, and it took only one company to put it all together and have the balls to run it. Take two girls, make them rip each others' clothes off, and have them fight in water and mud. Absolute perfection.

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