Quiz: Can You Spot the Real Republican Tweet?

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We're pretty sure this one's fake.
We'd been obsessively tracking the Republican presidential candidates on the campaign trail for weeks when something strange happened. The words coming out of their mouths started to sound like, well, a joke. From statements at debates to sound bytes on CNN, each politician seemed to be subtly parodying himself.

We thought we were just going mad from political overload. But then we took a look at some actual "fake" Twitter accounts that parody the likes of Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, Rich Santorum, and Ron Paul. And guess what -- it was hard to tell the difference.

Are you as crazy as we are? Take our quiz and find out for yourself. If you can successfully separate the fake tweets from the real ones in the following pages, you're at a healthy level of election saturation. If not, well, welcome to the madhouse.

Mitt Romney

Gage Skidmore
One of these tweets came from @MittRomney. The other is from a parody site. Which is which?

Tweet A: The President has run out of ideas. Now, he's running out of excuses. And 2012 will be the year he runs out of time.

Tweet B: Barack Obama is way over his head. And come Election day he'll be way over my head.

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