Community's Not Canceled! Five Storylines We Hope To See This Spring

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Attention, Human Beings! We have some news that is cool, cool, cool. We've been worried that the critically adored, genre-defying, pop-culture-skewering show Community would never return from the purgatory of "indefinite hiatus" imposed by NBC last year. But on Friday, the network's entertainment chairman Bob Greenblatt told reporters that Community will complete its third season -- though a return date is unknown. Still, that means once again we'll have Troy and Abed on our TVs.

Would that this hoodie were a time hoodie so that we could fast-forward to the new episodes. Instead, to tide you over, we at Cultist were forced to create new hijinks for our favorite study group. We may fall short of the brilliance of the Community writers' room, but we figured at the very least it could help us "Pop! Pop!" some hilarity into our Greendale-less winter.

5. A Vampire Episode
Facing a new budgetary shortage at Greendale, Dean Pelton elects to hold a fashion show on campus with a theme he believes will rake in megabucks -- vampires. Because of the success of the Twilight movies, the dean calls for the Star-Burns-led sewing club to produce, show, and sell a line of apparel that would look great on teenagers in Washington State (which includes an incredibly gruesome outfit inspired by Bella giving birth. Just use your imagination here). The study group obviously gets roped in to model, and are all mandated to strut their stuff covered head to toe with body glitter (because vampires sparkle in light). In true Community fashion, for some reason both Jeff and Troy appear topless.

4. A Greendale Caucus
It's school election time! As the presidential reign of South Park (which overwhelmingly won the last election) draws to a close, the school decides that regular elections are so passé. Instead, based on the buzz associated with Iowa's version of democracy, the school elects to hold a caucus. Annie, still fighting her perfectionist tendencies, runs for the second consecutive year. Pierce, still seeking love and popularity in all the wrong ways, decides to run against her. Troy and Abed are asked to be the caucus leads for their two friends, and their BFFitude is put to the test. Students once again act apathetically, and Kickpuncher becomes elected as president after Troy and Abed mend their ways and cast the only two votes. Commence secret handshake!

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