Community's Not Canceled! Five Storylines We Hope To See This Spring

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3. The Human Beings Curling Championships
In an attempt to impress a hot Canadian exchange student, Jeff starts a varsity curling team on campus. The big championship against rival City College is right around the corner, and the team's best player, Magnitude, is sidelined because his arm "Popped! Popped!" out of his socket. The team, with Jeff at its helm, has to put together a trick play in order to wrest victory at the last second. Unfortunately, the Flying V does not always work in curling. Meanwhile, in the darkest timeline created earlier this season, another paintball war breaks out on campus. But when someone replaces paintballs with real bullets, terror rains from the sky.

2. The Greendale Breakfast Club
Pierce, angry about the group not getting one of his jokes about Eartha Kitt, locks Jeff, Troy, Abed, Shirley, and Annie in the study room. The gang reacts in classic 1980s John Hughes style, with Abed as the brain, Troy as the athlete, Annie as the princess, Shirley as the basket case and Jeff as the misunderstood rebel. In a related B-plot, Britta reads an article about the dangers of cell phone usage and has stolen all mobile devices from the study group, which prevents them from calling for help. Luckily, still-on-the-loose monkey Annie's Boobs snatches the keys from a slumbering Pierce and sets them free.

1. The Super-Meta Network Slam
Dean Pelton undergoes a traumatic brain injury and decides to put all Greendale classes on an indefinite hiatus. He then allows this year's classes to resume, but doesn't tell the students when. But as his brain tissues begin to heal themselves -- and through the power of love and a realization that genius had been STARING HIM IN THE FACE EVERY THURSDAY AT 8 PM -- the dean not only reinstates all classes, but assures that lessons will last for three more years. We at Cultist call this episode "Hashtag Six Seasons And A Movie."

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