Etsy, Not Regretsy: Five Miami Artists To Watch

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JennaDickes' prints: for cat ladies and Internet lovers everywhere.
One look at the DIY website Etsy proves it: Homemade crafts have come a long way since Nana's crocheted doilies. Though there are plenty of failed attempts at creativity represented on the site -- Regretsy, anyone? -- they're balanced by pieces that are original, inventive, and aesthetically stunning. And many of them come from our own backyard.

These Miami vendors were chosen for their unique approach to the homemade item, incorporating spunky elements and makeshift glam. After all, beneath all the diamond-encrusted panache strutting about Miami, there's got to be an understated longing for the simpler things in life.

Jenna Dickes Deleo's clean, tongue-in-cheek illustrations look like they belong on Urban Outfitter tees... except her prints run from three to twelve bucks.

There's a sexy-zombie-lady drawing who resembles "white knight" Harvey Dent in The Dark Knight, or drug lord Gus from Breaking Bad (both of whom have just had their faces partially blown off in an explosion). There's also a rocker version of Hermoine Granger, who resembles Danny in the opening credits of Grease before he tames his mane with copious amounts of hair gel. Pop culture references all around.

Jenna also inked up some holiday greeting cards with plenty of Miami snark -- "Merry Christmas, Bitches" and "Suck It, 2011", respectively -- that she offers to mail out for you with a personal message written inside. An artist who also takes care of tedious holiday rituals? We love her.

Funkyou intertwines kitsch, creepy and cute with its line of oddball accessories.

First we ogled extensively at the line of skeleton hand hair barrettes and brooches. Shop owner Liana describes the product as follows: "This pin reminds me of those zombie films where their hands pop out of graves as they try to grab that unfortunate soul that has wandered too close."

You know, she makes a valid case here. In a city like Miami, it's never a bad idea to take the offensive and step out with proper armor to protect oneself from the various creepers lurking about.

We also dug her mini plastic gun rings and real brass key earrings (hey, you'll never lose 'em).



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Jenna Dickes
Jenna Dickes

It's so awesome to get my stuff noticed locally! Thanks for the feature =D


Great article. Not many guys on the list great even so!

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