Is Emma Stone the New Tony Montana?

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Greed. Corruption. Mountains of cocaine.

If you read those three words and the image that pops to mind is of Emma Stone, we are genuinely concerned for you. But we also know you're not alone. Stone recently signed on to play a wild child who travels to Miami to sell a million-dollar stash of cocaine in the film Little White Corvette. And in so doing, she'll be adding to the rich legacy of coke in Miami movies, one that's naturally dominated by Scarface.

So how does Stone fit in with the likes of Tony Montana? Cultist has the rundown.

Emma Stone v. Tony Montana

Birth name
Montana: Tony Montana
Stone: Emily Jean Stone

Montana: 43
Stone: 23

Known for...
Montana: Dealing coke, wielding machine guns, general badassery.
Stone: Supporting civil rights, faking sex, killing zombies.

Career beginnings
Montana: Dishwashing in Little Havana
Stone: The Wind in the Willows, performed by Valley Youth Theatre in Phoenix, AZ

Quotable lines
Montana: "Say hello to my little friend."
Stone: "Seriously? It's like you're Photoshopped!"

Montana: Signature suits with huge lapels, tuxedos, well-powdered nose
Stone: Signature red hair, classic evening gowns, well-powdered nose

Critics say...
Montana: "Tony Montana is a vicious psychotic thug whose only redeeming quality is that he refuses to kill children."
Stone: "Emma Stone is too cute in a clementine dress." --Teen Vogue

High-profile friends
Montana: Cartel lord Alejandro Sosa
Stone: Taylor Swift

Drug use
Montana: Mountains.
Stone: Unknown.

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