Gino: Tied Up Like Beyonce

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Photographed by Jipsy
Fashion Breakdown: Shirt by Ralph Lauren; blazer by Discount Man, found at a thrift store; belt by Salvatore Ferragamo; black jeans by Levis; shoes are Versace for H&M; bow tie by Robot and Brucling ("these are the designers that made the bow tie Beyonce wore at her performance on Oprah"); mixed arm jewelry includes Swatch watch, Marc Jacobs, Dior, Henri Bendel.
Name: Gino Campodonico
Occupation: Publicist for the Adrienne Arsht Center
Tell us about this outfit: The bow tie is very S&M, leather, spikes, and I thought it'd go very well with the metal jewelry, and to mix it up I threw on this oversized "boyfriend blazer" for an '80s feel.
Who's inspires your fashion mood? Tom Ford for mens, and as far as women, it's Beyonce and JLo...or anybody in Gossip Girl.
Where do you like shopping? Here, of course (Neiman Marcus Mens Shop at Bal Harbour).
What were you listening to on your way to this event? Britney Spears.

Spotted at the reopening of the Mens Shop at Neiman Marcus.

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Location Info


Neiman Marcus - Bal Harbour

9700 Collins Ave., Bal Harbour, FL

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Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh we miss u


I love the contrast between the light hues of the pale pink shirt and baby blue blazer lining (peeking through) with the edginess of the black leather hi tops, spikes and messy jewelry… It’s an unusual combination, but IT works for him. Nice to know people in Miami know about Robot & Brucling – they have amazing stuff!

Jeremyfrncs JMF
Jeremyfrncs JMF

I like the outfit. But its so typical and obvious. There is nothing forward or fun about it. Except the spiked bow and maybe I'll consider the shirt to be fun (because its pink) The belt is.....Well the belt it. Something about this outfit just doesn't fit. No pun intended. However to me it likes this guy took some cool pieces and threw them on trying to break through but ended up in the same place. And 80's isn't really how I would describe this....I do like the jewelry. AND I do like that he's obviously comfy! THAT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART! My opinion means nothing everyone has there own taste level. Thats the fun about fashion is getting to critique.

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