Six Other Public Figures Whose Tax Documents We'd Like To See

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Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney released his tax returns this morning, the result of a long and whiny campaign by his opponents to counter his "I'm just an average dude" stance. Unsurprisingly, the documents show an income of $45 million, with $3 million paid in taxes and gifts of over $4 million to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Our reaction: Yawn. It's all exactly as we'd expected: big Mormon donations, even bigger wealth, and a tax rate that's as low as it can get without crossing any legal lines. We wouldn't have expected anything less from the wholesome, lifelike robot that is Romney.

If you're gonna demand to know the details of someone's financials, you better have a pretty good reason. So we're calling for the immediate release of the following celebrities' tax documents -- all for the sake of entertainment.

Rick Ross
The man is Rich Forever, after all. We're sure the exact details of The Boss's income and expenditures are fascinating. But mostly, we just want to know: Does he write off "making it rain" as a business expense?

Rick Scott
If you're out to catch a dirty politician in the act, why on earth would you start in Massachusetts? Florida's got the other 49 states beat when it comes to corruption. Our governor already has a long list of dirty deeds that he's done publicly -- who knows what secrets you'd find in his private finances.

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