Shit Miami Girls Say...and guys Co-Star Michelle Sicars Talks Miamisms and Croqueticas

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The English Department at Florida State University was a really neat place to meet some gnarly characters. That's where I met Michelle Sicars, one of the stars of Shit Miami Girls Say...and guys.

I remember thinking, this girl's really out there, after reading a short, quirky story she'd written about a mushroom trip-gone bad at a Dave Matthews show. It was a groovy piece, and I knew then that the world would eventually laugh out loud the way I did as soon as her shit went viral.

Fast-forward several years and her (constipated) shit did in fact go viral. With her friends Aime Carrero and Giancarlo Sabogal, Sicars' Shit Miami Girls Say...and guys video is a YouTube hit.

Check out the Q&A I did on Facebook with Sicars after cut.

New Times: I know you're based in LA now [Sicars works in television production], but did you film the video down here?
Michelle Sicars: Negative. We tried our hardest to get the right Miami "look" and props like the croqueticas of course.

So you're all based in LA?
Yes sir. All born and raised in Miami, but [we're] all living out here.

Do people on the west coast tell you that you have an accent?
Occasionally. Mostly when we've been around each other for a long time and it rubs off.

After watching the video, I get this love/hate vibe from you. The characters in the video are both obnoxious and lovable at the same time, sort of like Miami. Is that a fair assessment?
Absolutely. They're obnoxious because they speak their mind and don't hold back. But that's precisely why we love them!

It's almost like everything there is to hate about Miami is also everything there is to love, no?
Yes sir. Couldn't have said it better myself. The pride Miami people have is something like I've never seen. 98 percent of Miamians that have seen this video are proud to be someone who has this accent or know someone who has this accent.

What are some of the things LA girls say that Miami girls would never?
"Do you have soy milk?"
"I only do groceries at Whole Foods."
"Is that organic?"
"I don't know, I couldn't understand him. I think he was speaking Mexican."

So basically the same type of closed-mindedness, but only about different things, right?
Sort of... Similar in a materialistic way, you can say, but the Miami flavor is like no other. They don't call us the "HEAT" for nothing.

For more funny shit, check out Sicars' YouTube Channel, TheWednesdayNite.

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Nootka Rey
Nootka Rey

They forgot the worst Miamian word ever, CLARO


im super proud to be a Miami girl. I talk this way, and everyone I loves does too. You cant understand unless you are part of it. Enough said.


It's not so much the accent (which is annoying) as the gramatically incorrect "English" that passes for proper English and seeps its way into the local culture as a whole.  You can see it everywhere, every day.  I've seen business contracts printed with this kind of speak.  It's sad that Miamians think this is something to be proud of as opposed to being proud of being an educated society.


miami is embarrassing.yes the video is on point and laughable but nothing to be proud of.


How sad is it that this actually is what typical miami guys and girls say?  Most of our citizens in miam should probably join and get their cards and jackets for "retards of america"


@Guest If you want to argue "gramatically correct" English...please be aware that we as Americans in whole, do not speak "proper" English as was intended to. Just ask an Englishman.


it is education to you, education means different things in different places, open your mind up a little and diversify! i am proud of understanding english, spanish and spanglish perfectly =)

Miami Native
Miami Native

Every place has their accents. You can make a video of ANY place in the world, and it will be just as funny. Stop taking things so literally and simply enjoy the video. At least we don't have to watch our videos with subtitles under them, even though they are already speaking english. Think of Swamp Men!


You should check your grammar before putting people down... Makes you the retard now... Dumbass

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