Five Things We Learned From Super Bowl XLVI

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Clint Eastwood probably didn't know a lot of this stuff, either.
Did you catch the big game last night, champ? Oh, it was truly one for the ages. There was plenty of action, highs and lows, and surprises around every turn. And that's just the commercials.

The Giants-Patriots showdown was more than the mere spectacle of violence and pain we've become accustomed to on Super Bowl Sunday each year. It was downright educational. So in case you missed it, here's what we learned last night.

Bud Light Platinum exists
Hip beer drinkers have long clamored for high quality craft brews. Instead, Bud Light offers a version of its original college swill with a higher percentage of alcohol. It rolled out the new product with a duo of commercials last night that positioned the product in an upscale zzzzzzzz -- what? Oh, sorry, we fell asleep just thinking about the boring ads that announced this new, completely senseless product. Watch the video above if you're in need of a nap.

Taylor Kitsch is a major movie star
If you're a Friday Night Lights fan, you know Taylor Kitsch as Tim Riggins, a gruff rebel with a heart of gold and a head of hair that no one else, not even Tom Brady, could pull off. But if you know him only from his appearances in last night's commercials, Taylor Kitsch is the next George Clooney. The actor stars in two action-y films promoted between plays last night: Disney's John Carter, and Battleship. Clearly, you should just go ahead and write him in on your Oscar ballot for next year.

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