Free Events This Week: Good Monday, Brenton Brown, Ex Norwegian

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Ex Norwegian frontman Roger Houdaille performs at Sweat Records this week
We believe that a leap year is more than just an irritating occurrence designed to confuse you and make you screw up writing the date every four years. Aside from the minor annoyances it brings, leap year can also be an opportunity to take your own leap -- to ask out that boy you've been eyeing, book that trip to Acapulco, or get really hammered on a Wednesday.

To accompany this week with February 29, we've selected a few of the top places to view great art, dance to good music, and just relax. Read on for what's free in and around Miami this week, and don't forget to take a leap of your own.

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  • Good Monday: Haven's hip hop and dance DJs and killer drink specials let you carry your weekend partying into the work week.

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Don't 4get
Don't 4get

Carnival on the Mile/Art in the Park and Art walk all in Coral Gables starting Friday!!!

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