Joan Rivers on Whitney Houston: "She Was Fair Game"

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Miami's Fashion Week boasts plenty of celebrities, but it's nothing like the stars who turn out for New York City's style sensation. And wherever there are A-list stars trying to look their best, you'll find Joan Rivers, mocking their efforts.

The Fashion Police comedian had a front row seat at Badgely Mishka this week. Naturally, we just had to chat her up backstage.

She was everything we expected her to be: loaded with make up, with a personality like a pistol and an accent only a lifetime in New York and a pack a day could create. But what we weren't ready for is a full-blown gossip session about the recent death of Whitney Houston she gave us.

Oh and not just that. She also thinks Angelina Jolie has an eating disorder, and is very, very open about that. Our trip to New York was officially worth it after this:

Cultist: Are you having fun at New York Fashion Week?
Joan Rivers: For sure. It's one opening night after the next.

Have you run into any celebs who you've not given the best review on Fashion Police?
My job is to be a critic, so that is what I have to do. I don't run into them because I am not invited anywhere.

You definitely talked about Whitney Houston when she was alive. Is there any part of that kind of feels bad for talking bad about her now?
No. When you're alive, and you're a celebrity, you're fair game. We are reporters and we report. Am I sorry she died? Of course. If Angelina Jolie died tomorrow, I would have still said she was anorexic.

Were you shocked by Houston's death?
Well, I know I should be boo-hooing and I am terribly sorry. She was a great talent, but the main story here that no one is talking about is don't let your kids turn to drugs. Don't put a million dollars worth of stuff up your nose. The ending is always going to be bad.

You definitely think it was drugs?
There is no question. I told my grandson, you take drugs, this is what happens. There is no happy ending with drugs.

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Karen Gordon
Karen Gordon

Even whacked out on drugs Whitney had more class than Joan ever will. Acting as if Whitney deserves to be dead because she had an addiction issue is pretty sad. It ends the same way for us all - we die. And all the plastic surgery in the world isn't going to stop Joan from dying too. Fair game because you're a celebrity? I dunno that I agree. But I think in death there should be some decorum. It's too bad about Whitney. She's at peace now. Poor Joan has to continue living with fake herself. At least Whitney had some authenticity and real talent.

Ninotchka KS
Ninotchka KS

Rivers can make me LOL.  BUT, sometimes she crosses the line.  It's one thing to knock someone's choice of fashion, but it isn't right to kick someone when they are down, like Whitney had been.  She went too far and too long, bad-mouthing Whitney as a person in that segment.  I felt really uncomfortable listening to her, after awhile.  JMO...


Joan Rivers  needs to stop spending millions  on facial surgery accept father time!!!

Also never comment on peoples lives if you don't know totally how they lived it!!!! 


"Am I sorry she died? Of course. If Angelina Jolie died tomorrow, I would have still said she was anorexic." Classic @joan_rivers:disqus 


She's a comedian, she's not writing their biography...

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