Mastermind 2012 Honorable Mention: Team Danger Films

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Miami New Times' Mastermind Awards honors the city's most inspiring creatives. This year, we received more than 150 submissions, which our staff narrowed to an elite group of 30. We'll be profiling our honorable mentions, and eventually the finalists, in the weeks to come. This year's three Mastermind Award winners will be announced March 8 at Artopia, our annual soiree celebrating Miami culture. For tickets and more information, visit the website.

Team Danger

Move over Spielberg, we've got some noteworthy ladies in the house. With the Oscars this weekend, it's only appropriate that today's honorable mention are filmmakers, not unlike the ones who will be glitzed and glammed all over E! this Sunday. Steven, meet Team Danger.

Jordan Berry, Heather Capps, Debbie Rolf and Gabriela Varley: Collectively, they're a group of young and motivated Miami filmmakers who call themselves Team Danger.

The ambitious cinephiles decided to combine their talents to create short films around South Florida. Eventually coming together because they were all fans of each other's work, they each started out as individual artists.

They've had their short films screened at Cosford Cinema, Art Basel and the Paramount Theater in LA, and have even worked on films that went on to Borscht and Cannes festivals. Michael Bay, eat your heart out.

Their most recent plans are to shoot a short film in Miami that touches on expressionist film "with a contemporary twist using the local setting as a dominant influence," they said to us in an email.

"We are hoping to show this using creative art direction, wardrobe, and locations, and are trying to create a story that deals with the thin lines that define the moral and the immoral."

If you ask us, Miami is the perfect city to help define the line between the moral and immoral (obviously there's more evidence of the immoral here, you sinners).

Inspired by their strong efforts in art direction, wardrobe, location and music, we're awarding our own, personal Oscars this year. (The Cultees? Eh, the name's a work in progress.) Best Art Direction, Best Original Score, Best Costume Design, Best Cinematography... and the winner is, Team Danger Films!

Honorable Mentions:
Luis Pinto
John Adkins
Jolt Radio
Regina Jestrow
Yovani Bauta
Kevin Arrow
Leyden Rodriguez-Casanova
Hialeah Haikus
Jonathan David Kane
Eddy "Earthtone" Vegas
Bannavis Andrew Sribyata
Sarah Kontoff Baker
Jason Snyder
Valeria Yamamoto
Jayme Gershen

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Patrizzia Segura-Vehovec
Patrizzia Segura-Vehovec

Sharing with all of you this nice article from Gaby Varley and friends.They are doing wonderful! Very proud and wishing them the best.

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