Masterminds 2012 Honorable Mention: Eddy "Earthtone" Vegas

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Miami New Times' Mastermind Awards honors the city's most inspiring creatives. This year, we received more than 150 submissions, which our staff narrowed to an elite group of 30. We'll be profiling our honorable mentions, and eventually the finalists, in the weeks to come. This year's three Mastermind Award winners will be announced March 8 at Artopia, our annual soiree celebrating Miami culture. For tickets and more information, visit the website.

Eddy "Earthtone" Vegas
Let's put it this way: This guy's Mastermind award application began with the line, "Greetings from the 11th dimension!" His name is Eddy, but he goes by Earthtone. Do we have your attention now?

Vegas' idea of art is something straight out of an underground rave party -- one of the really great ones that you usually can't remember the next morning. (What rave party? Exactly.) He coined the term Psychevision to describe the psychedelic nature of his photography, art, and overall way of thinking.

Vegas considers himself a "multi-dimensional artist, which is an artist who, due to Scattered Hyper-sonic Mind Waves, has found it extremely difficult to focus on only one type of art form." How's that for the line under your name on a business card? In his early years, Vegas saw this crazy artsy outlook as a personality flaw. But when he later learned to embrace it, he began to experiment "fusion arts."

Having found his wacky, trippy niche in the wacky, trippy city that is Miami, Earthone Vegas' Psychevision Productions now brings music and arts events to the Miami art scene.

Check out part of his message in an email to us:

Disclaimer: We at Cultist recommended you're 100% sober before reading further.
"Here at Psychevision Laboratories, scientists work 'round the clock, tweaking energy fields and opening portals... when a stable frequency is channeled, it is sent to the control room, where it can be maintained, warped, marinated, and ready to be inhabited by 3-dimensional beings like ourselves... The frequencies within the portals attract the creators; the creators are then lured into the portal... on the other side awaits an oasis of inspiration for the mind... together we create the necessary pulses to keep these Psychevision Portals afloat."
We'll have what he's having.

Honorable Mentions:
Bannavis Andrew Sribyata
Sarah Kontoff Baker
Jason Snyder
Valeria Yamamoto
Jayme Gershen

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this is stupid


lol, the article doesn't do the best job of describing the vision or goal of PsychevisioN my friend.. "PsychevisioN Productions" is a "by Artist for Artist" organization feat. some interesting minds, and we seasonally host Music & Art showcases at some of Miami's best venues, and feature some of South FL's most eclectic, unique, ground-breaking, & mind-expanding Musicians & Artist from ALL genres and mediums.. and yes do to the nature of our psychedelic themes and Art, our events have been known to get a lil intense... come take a look at our page good sir, or better yet, come out to our next event! on Thurs. March 15th at PAX ( ) as a matter of fact, I'm so convinced that if u attended our next event you would have your mind blown no less, that I'm willing to put YOU, someone I dont know, on our guestlist for free entry, just email your name to (put BLAH in the title so we know its YOU) and the evening of the event say Ur name 3 times at the door, spin around twice, and your IN! lol... so I ask you now Mr. Blahh, what do you have to lose by attending our next event? other then a lil society based sanity of course... if you REALLY don't like it after experiencing it first-hand, (which I highly doubt that will happen) then I guess the realm of cosmic expression is just not your thing, and I apologize for attempting to expand your consciousness through Art... hope to see U at the next gathering, fellow Cosmonaut........ :)

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