Miami Spartan Race 2012 (Video)

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banana girl.jpg
A Hooters Girl hands out bananas at the Spartan race. No kidding.
​Miami's Spartan Race took place Saturday and continues tomorrow, Sunday. Thousands showed up. Many ran through mud, slipped under barbed wire, and pulled huge tires for two hours. It was amazing, though rather expensive.

After the jump a slideshow of Saturday's events with music.

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Location Info


Oleta River State Park

3400 NE 163rd St., North Miami Beach, FL

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Jo Karn - London Spartan Racer
Jo Karn - London Spartan Racer

I can't wait for this years Spartan Race to come to the UK!! I'm attending the Race in London. Spartan Race last year was incredible...seriously thinking of doing one next year in us now. Must admit though it is quite expensive!!

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