Miami Water Taxi: Is It Worth the Price?

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​Miami's not exactly renowned for its fabulous public transport system. But this month, there's a new company trying to get you off the streets.

Miami Water Taxi bills itself as a fun way for tourists to check out our city, as well as a fresh new way for locals to get around some of Miami's most popular destinations. With stops at Bayside Marketplace, Brickell Key, and South Beach, the service hits many of Miami's most popular hangouts. But is it worth the price? We took a test spin to find out.


The little yellow boats seat 38 and are easy to spot, with current stops at Bayside Marketplace, Brickell Key, Downtown River Walk, South Beach and Finnegan's Irish Pub on the Miami River. Unlike other boating attractions along the river, Miami Water Taxi is not a guided tour; they're there to get you from point A to point B -- ideal if you're a local who'd rather play Angry Birds than listen to the same old spiel about where Gloria Estefan's house is. Still, the staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. On our ride, they greeted each group of customers and were happy to give some insight into the area when asked. The ride offers some fantastic views of the skyline, and it's always fun for us regular folk to float past Star Island and imagine the sweet life. You could even spot a dolphin or two on your journey, if you keep your eyes open -- try doing that from the road.

The Miami Water Taxi experience is certainly geared to tourists and families, but there's also plenty to entice locals on the go. The trip from downtown to South Beach does take longer by sea than by causeway, but we have to admit that it's nice to have a backup plan when the I-395 turns into a parking lot. If you're heading to the clubs, you'll still have to cab it from Miami Beach Marina to the other side of the island. But at least you don't have to worry about accumulating parking fees if your car stays in one place all night. Plus, you're one less car on those congested streets. We'll celebrate just about any opportunity to avoid driving in this town.

The price, however, could be what sinks this venture. It's not exactly what you'd call "cheap." For adults, a one-way ticket is $12 and a two-way pass is $20. That's not much different from taxi fare, but remember: taxis can take up to four people, and even more if you snag a van. The Miami Water Taxi price is per person, so if you're traveling with a pack of friends, you could be looking at upwards of $100 round trip. Our suggestion: If you're a local looking to have a good time, you might as well get there early for a $30 all-day pass and make a fun excursion out of it. Riding a boat while tipsy is the ultimate Sunday fun-day; now, you don't have to depend on your boat friends to make it happen.

If you're not rich, or banging someone who's rich, and don't have access to a private boat, it's definitely worth taking a spin on the Miami Water Taxi for a fun day on the water. Be sure to check out the schedule on their website before heading out. The service is currently operating under special Boat Show schedules, which will expand beginning February 23.

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