Queen Latifah Considers Wynwood as Production HQ

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Queen Latifah -- entertainment mogul, young Oprah, and all-around bad mothereffer -- has long been a fan of Miami. She records her music at a studio in Doral, has an entire album produced by North Miami's own Cool & Dre, and has been here so many times for both business and pleasure that we can't help but thank her for stuffing the g-string of the topless dancer that is our city full of 10s, 20s, 50s, and 100s.

And it looks like our relationship with Dana Owens might just move up to the next level. Latifah may be moving her base of operations to Wynwood, according to Miami Today.

Liberty City hero and Miami City Commissioner Michell Spence Jones went to visit Latifah in Atlanta to entice her move here. The issue at hand is tax incentives. If Miami can offer enough of them, Latifah may bless our production community with at least 200 jobs, and a whole new world of film, TV, and web content produced in the Magic City.

Latifah's people have already toured Wynwood, and have expressed interest in the area. The wide-open Korean import-export area that dominates NW 5th Avenue, including the Charlie's Angels studio owned by meatpacking district dude Moishe Mana, could see a new occupant as soon as September.

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Daniel Wills
Daniel Wills

We would love to have her here! She would be given a warm welcome from us!

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