Seven Super Bowl Commercials You Can Watch Right Now

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The best part about the Super Bowl isn't the football, the nachos, or the pizza. Who are we kidding? It's the commercials.

Those sneaky little buggers that make us hold our pee during game breaks are baaaaack. Bladder infections aside, we'd do anything to get our grubby hands on what the creative masterminds behind the big name car, chip, and beer companies have ready for this Sunday.

Oh wait -- they leaked. No, not the bladders. (Pull yourself together, geez.) The commercials. Companies like Audi, Bud Light, Danon, Samsung, and Doritos have pulled out the big guns (and by big guns, we mean John Stamos) for this year's cut-to-breaks.

Watch them here, and on game day, tell your bladders we said, "You're welcome."

Ever so slightly obnoxious, but hey, everyone loves Jerry!

Ohhh yeaaaaah.

We can just imagine the meeting where this ad was conceived. "So, uh, vampires are trendy right now, right?"

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