Cheap Valentine's Day Plans That Don't Skimp on Romance

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With or without a date, enjoy the holiday by scarfing down way too many delicious candy hearts
If you're anything like us, you 're preparing to confront Feb. 14 with indignation and marking it "Anna Howard Shaw Day" on your calendar. Maybe you lack any significant romantic relationship in your life, in which case you don't need a national holiday to remind you that you'll probably die alone (except for your cats, of course). Or maybe you're in a wonderful romantic relationship with someone who, disastrously, will be away on the 14th, leaving you to wonder what the point of this stupid holiday is when on the one year you're actually happy with someone, he or she is too far away to spoil you with flowers and chocolates. (If you're in the latter camp, do not click here.)

We V-day scrooges can at least take comfort in the knowledge that we won't have to spend stupid amounts of money just to express our love this year. Or we did, anyway, until we noticed all the cheap-yet-cute ways to celebrate happy relationships in this town. Foiled again by the sexy, sexy tropics.

Anyway, for you lucky few with caring partners out there, here are a few ways to have a happy Valentine's Day without breaking the bank. But don't tell us about it, because remember, the rest of us are sad and alone and no we are not crying just go away.

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  • Inside the Music: Get a glimpse into the world of composers, music history and music appreciation with behind-the-scenes presentations at the New World Center's SunTrust Pavillion. Perfect for your music lover lover.
  • Love Stories: Enjoy six short plays from around the world about romance and love at The SandBox for a suggested donation of $5.
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  • Hated for Loving: Head over to Churchill's Pub for a tribute to The Smiths and Morrissey. You'll be in good company with bands like The Ordinary Boys and Girlfriend in a Coma, as well as performances by Shameless Burlesque and DJing by Dracula's Daughter.
  • Moonlight & Music: Featuring Sarah Packiam and Scott Kirby, this year's concert at Deering Estate promises to be a lovely evening at just $20.
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