Watch Rick Scott Refuse to Pee in a Cup on The Daily Show

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Florida's law requiring the poor to pass a drug test before receiving welfare funds came under the scrutiny of The Daily Show last night. In an interview with Aasif Mandvi, bill supporter Representative Scott Plakon claimed that any recipient of taxpayer money should undergo drug testing. When Mandvi pointed out that Plakon's own salary is made up of taxpayer money, and asked if Plakon would support a bill requiring legislators to pass drug tests to get paid, however, Plakon faltered.

But Mandvi didn't stop there, interrupting Governor Rick Scott at a press conference to ask him to pee in a cup, point blank. Slender Man's response: "I'm going over here. You don't need to run this."

See the full segment after the jump. (Scott's section is at the 5:00 mark.)

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