Ten Reasons to Not Hate Britto

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Tomas Loewy
When Crossfade gave us 10 Reasons to Not Hate Skrillex earlier this month, it got us thinking: Who's the Skrillex of the art world? Who's the blatantly successful, divisive creative force in visual media? What artist of our time is simultaneously so loved and so hated by so many?

Obviously, it's Romero Britto.

Let us be clear: We are not fans of Britto's work. We've done our fair share of bitching about Britto's ubiquitous installations over the years. But come on, people -- the man's not the antichrist. He's a successful artist, and there are plenty of perfectly nice things about the work he puts out into the world. And so, in true devil's advocate spirit, here are 10 of them.

He works for kids.
You might not like his art, but you can't deny that the cause he supports is worthy. Britto's work has supported child-focused organizations like Best Buddies International and St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. He's also worked with high school art students, and contributed his work to a kids' play area at Club Med Sandpiper Bay Florida.

He brings awareness to important causes.
Britto's main focus may be supporting children, but his work has benefited plenty of other important causes. He partnered with Buzz Aldrin to bring awareness of NASA and space exploration. He's contributed to art auctions benefiting AIDS organization Celebrate Life, Celebrate Art, and the Camillus House. From supporting the homeless to ending breast cancer, the funds and awareness raised by Britto's art have affected plenty of lives.

He's happy.
Call Britto whatever you want, but don't call him somber. The New York Times said his work "exudes warmth, optimism, and love." And in these times of political turmoil and war and Jimbo's potential closure, couldn't we all use a little more of that?

He's colorful.
Studies suggest bright colors are actually mood-altering drugs -- in a good way. Not only do they make you feel more awake and alert, but in cases of disabilities like dyslexia and autism, they can also assist in learning, reading and writing. So Britto may actually be good for your health.

He likes to party.
Did you see the shots of Britto partying it up at Carnival in Rio this year? The man was surrounded by enormous, attention-grabbing sculptures on a float of his own design, and he was still the center of attention in that sparkly shirt. You've gotta love a guy who parties like that.

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Jerome Biggins
Jerome Biggins

most of the people you talk to are complete idiots apparently. britto is a worldwide brand.


Most of the people I talk to in the art world outside of Miami don't know who Britto is. 


I am not a fan of Britto as an Artist, but he is a fun graphic artist & designer like Peter Max was. Every artist wishes to be as successful as he is & I hate to say it, but there is a lot of jealosy going around. Britto is doing nothing wrong, but the people who are commissioning the large public pieces should look at other artists as well and not just put up another Britto.


your just jeolous. bet you anything u havent done shit in your life so stop hating.

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