An Invitation From Florida to California's Shunned Porn Industry: Come On Down!

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So, Rick Scott has been promising us all a lot of jobs.

And then he wasn't. And then he was. Basically, he's been pretty wishy-washy about the whole situation, but he may have found his redemption in a new California law that will most likely send its massive porn industry packin' and look to set up shop somewhere else.

A new California health regulation, which went into effect Monday, requires porn stars - ahem, artists - to wear condoms while on location. No exceptions. The rule has sent something of a ruffle through the $8 billion business, which does about 90 percent of its production in the Golden State. The industry already has its sights set on relocation to a place that still knows how to express itself freely.

Why, when gold has lost its panache, look no further than the Sunshine State?
C'mon, Florida is a perfect home for the porn industry. Gay porn is being filmed on daytime public bus routes in Miami, after all. And just this week, an armed robber at an adult novelty store changed his mind halfway through and ended up filling out a job application instead. We love porn down here, and clearly, we know how to stay in business.

Last year in his State of the State Address, Rick Scott declared: "Florida will not allow unreasonable regulations to stand in the way of job creation."

Here, here, Rick! Condoms, shmondoms, you say. Buck a regulation or two and we'll have jobs, jobs, jobs galore!

"I want to encourage each of you to become a 'Jobs Ambassador' and direct new prospects to me, so we can work together to recruit potential job creators," he went on to say. "Ask business leaders around the world, 'Why not move to Florida?'"

This Job Ambassador has spoken, Rick.

Note: Although we generously support Scott going to the mattresses to swipe jobs from rival states, we also fully support regulations that require adult film stars to be routinely tested for STDs. Party on, Wayne.

-- Grace Stainback

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Party on, Rick Scott, PARTY ON!

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