Thirteen Fierce Looks for Ladies at Funkshion's Style 2012 Student Showcase

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Sophia Naz Sha's runway offering
They say that in times of economic hardship, fashion trends skew toward nostalgia and tradition. If that's true, then yesterday's Miami International University of Art & Design showcase of student work, presented at the Moore Building as part of Funkshion, is a sign of national recovery.

Some designers went all-out wacky with their pieces, incorporating chainmail, plastics, and other unconventional materials in the clothing they sent down the runway. And even the more mainstream designs, ones that drew on trends from the 1950s, ball gowns, and even middle America, had a modern edge. We didn't love everything we saw yesterday, but we can say this: None of it was boring.

Here's a rundown of our favorite looks.

Just in time for St. Patty's Day, Vera Silva's green goddess dress managed to be flowy, sexy, and strangely cult-inspired all at once.

​Talk about an attention-getter. The train of Ana Lauren Garcia's dress moved brilliantly behind her model, and the chameleon-like fabric changed from pink to blue as it flowed. (Remember the end of Disney's Sleeping Beauty, when the fairies keep changing the color of her dress? Anyone? Well, it was like that.)
Another goddess-worthy gown from Brenda Relayze, with delicate tulle peeking through shimmering gold fabric.

Volume, anyone? William Morgan's gown plays on flower petals without being too sweet.

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Sabrina Rios' dress was the prettiest!


i love Brenda R design!!

Erika leute
Erika leute

do you have any other pictures of the event?


by the way, it's not Wendy Leandro's dress; it was made by Sabrina Rios!

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