Free Events This Week: Duchess, Evita, Nuclear Awareness

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Dance like a fool at events like Get Low and Live Wednesday this week
Next to Cinco de Mayo, St. Patrick's Day is probably the holiday most exploited by Americans in the name of getting completely tanked. We're willing to bet the majority of people celebrating these two days don't know a) what Cinco de Mayo actually commemorates or b) where St. Patrick is actually from (hint: it's not Ireland). But in the spirit of camaraderie and social drinking, we shrug our shoulders, tilt back our green beers and yell, "Slainte!" just the same.

St. Patrick's Day isn't until the weekend, but there are plenty of events to keep you busy until Saturday. Read on for what's good and free around Miami this week.

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  • Duchess: Start off your week the right way. And by "the right way," we mean "drinking mojitos at the Mondrian." CC - nc.jpg

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  • Evita: Even if you're not a huge fan of Madonna or musicals, SoundScape Cinema Series' screening of Evita is sure to be a nice time. Giant projection of Antonio Banderas, anyone?
  • Fra Nefarious: The '80s-esque Fra Nefarious presents his new album Crazy Weather at Ricochet.

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