Funkshion: Miami's Many Faces, For Better or Worse

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Judging from the looks that walked the runways at Funkshion this weekend, the rest of the world thinks of Miami as a hybrid of Orlando and Las Vegas. There was the glitzy, showgirly Miami; the bikini-thonged Miami; and a touching, refreshing salute to Haitian culture in Miami. For better or for worse, this was Miami -- both how the global consciousness perceives it, and what it actually is.

This year's Funkshion events were held not on Miami Beach but at the architectural Moore Building in the Design District. The event gingerly teetered on the border between the expected (an open bar and free cupcakes) and the unusual (Hypnotic Prosecco Blueberry cocktails and an open RSVP and door policy without a sign of a list in sight). And the designs followed suit.

LA GlamRock, the first of three shows, was exactly what it sounded like. If you're thinking of rhinestones, mermaid gowns, and high class Vegas escorts with two-inch roots and unintentionally ombre hair, bingo. You nailed it. There didn't appear to be a working theme to the show, and there were no notable designers of reference. But, these looks would be slamming around a tiny club table and poppin' bottles. Different strokes for different folks, right?

Next up was Wet Couture Swimwear by Angelina Petraglia from New Jersey and Tampa. Frankly, this was a very enjoyable show, because boobs and butts are very enjoyable. The models, who never quite walked to the end of the runway, were more of the Sports Illustrated variety and less of the skinny runway kind.

The styling of this show was appropriate for Miami beach looks: a pulled-together look with black mules, natural afros, and oversized snakeskin clutches.

"Girls are always looking to standout from other girls as far as bikinis and bathing suits have become the new outfits," said Petraglia standing outside the venue shortly after the show. "The more outrageous they are, the more girls are drawn to do something different." One would most certainly have to be going for outrageous if they chose to don one of these pieces. Perhaps the bikini with "Money" in graffiti across the chest and butt would help you to stand out from other girls this season?

Haiti a La Mode! closed the show in a touching tribute to Haiti's fashion renaissance, with emerging designers and authentic culture as spun by its own people. The showcase opened with a trio of traditional dancers.

The first show was beautifully tailored, with a nod to an optimistic future for the nation. It was a hopeful and lovely presentation. The models looked confident, and beautiful; the upside-down French braids on the models with longer hair was by far the best beauty look of the evening.

By that time, the crowd had knocked back a good number of Prosecco and Hypnotic cocktails, but there was more than one audience member with tears in their eyes.

Ultimately, Friday's Funkshion fashions were all about identity. Who does Miami want to be?

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